Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vita Vee's - From Zero To Profits - And Make $5,500+ in 8 days

I will say this as one the top video trainings you could ever see.

Real live examples are not shown in any of the top IM Guru's products. Whereas Vita Vee does this.

This product training is worth millions of dollars, when bs videos like CB2 etc., is being sold for $497.







WP Robot 3.2 Updates

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Here are the updates:
- Added support for the WP Robot Control Center, a new service to remotely manage any number of WP Robot sites.
- Added support for an external rewriting API which can be used to make posts more unique. Details
- Added Option to save all images from posts WP Robot creates to the server instead of hotlink to them
- Added setting on the Create Campaign screen to specify wether new posts should be Added as draft on a per-campaign basis.
- New Amazon tag called {price-updating}, which is always updated with the latest price from Amazon.
- Possibility to specify parent and sub-categories when creating a new campaign. Details
- Many new template tags that can be used as Custom Field values when creating a campaign. See the list here.
- Added a bulk pause/continue button on the Campaigns page.
- Added "Even Chances" button to the create campaign page to evenly distribute chances between all templates.
- Added "Category" option to Yahoo Answers module
- Press Release module has been reworked to now return the latest PRs and also include thumbnail images.
- Optimized several database calls to improve performance
- The translate tag can now also be used in title fields
- Several bug fixes
- Adds support for three new modules: The Linkshare, Eventful and iTunes modules. The modules can be obtained for free by signing up for the WP Robot Control Center trial.

Offline Webinar Tim Castleman/Keith Dougherty

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I'm on his list and listened to this yesterday.

It's about finding ugly sites for local businesses, sending an e-mail, saying someone just did a video about their site.

You have to make a quick Jing video talking about what's wrong w/ their site, what they can do better, etc.

Tim suggests sending a broken link in the email so that only really interested biz owners will reply to your email saying that the link doesn't work. Then when you get the reply, you make the video. This cuts out 80% of your work. I remember reading this in a post on the WF, I guess Tim is acting like he thought of it himself.

I tried this last night, sent out about 20 emails w/ broken link, and no reply yet.